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Strawberry Roots & Bundles - Albion

$099 USD

Quick Overview

• Everbearing
• Produces Large Fruits

IMPORTANT:  Once they arrive, remoisten the roots. You'll do this by rinsing and dumping all of the water from the bag several times. Once you've done that, leave a small amount of water inside and then place the whole bag (and the contents) inside of a windowsill. Rinse and drain your bare roots at least once a day until new green growth appears and you're ready to plant outdoors.

These are bare root strawberries. Plant these in the spring; in a place that gets full sun. They do best if you plant immediately after receiving them. Space plants 18" apart in rows 3' apart. These can also be planted in pots. Before planting, soak the roots for 2 hours to re-hydrate the plant. Plant with root side down and dig deep enough so the root is stretched downward; you do not want the root to be balled up.



NEW, everbearing strawberry that produces July until frost. Very large berries with excellent fruit flavor. Good runner production. Tolerant to Leaf Spot and resistant to Powdery Mildew.

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