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1/4" Deep 12-24" Apart 25 Days Between 75° F and 85° F Early Spring Full Sun pH Between 6 and 7. Sage, broccoli, beans, hot peppers Snip off ends as needed


How to Grow & Harvest Rosemary

Rosemary is an evergreen, perennial plant with blue flowers. It is a shrub-like plant that has very fragrant, "needle-like" green leaves.  Plants can easily get 5-6 feet tall outdoors if they're hardy and even when planting in containers, they will get 1-3 feet tall.  Rosemary can be enjoyed when used with poultry, lamb, in stews, and in soups. 


When to Plant
Rosemary seeds can take a while to germinate so start them very early, about three months before warm weather arrives in your area.  Do not expect a high germination rate of all of the rosemary seeds you plant, because rosemary naturally has a much lower germination rate when compared to say, basil.  

How to Plant

Make sure your newly planted rosemary seeds are either started indoors, or have a shelter over them such as a cloche' or row cover.   When they are about 3-4 inches tall they can be transplanted to their permanent home.  Try not to disturb them by transplanting them again until they are mature.   Have fun with your rosemary plants, and try adding multiple small plants to one large pot to make a rosemary topiary. You can also train them onto hoops or other shapes. 


When to Harvest

Prune the stems of your rosemary, as needed,  to use fresh.  If cooler weather approaches, you may bring small potted rosemary plants indoors and harvest from them throughout the winter.  Try drying the leaves, as they store well in airtight containers.  

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