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Depth to Plant
Spacing Between Plants
Spacing Between Rows
Days to Germinate (Sprout)
Soil Temp
Planting Season
Plant Height
No. of Plants per sq. ft.
Soil Requirements

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1/2" deep

Space plants about 12" apart

Make rows about 1-2 feet apart

7 - 10 days

40 F to

85 F

Early Spring Leaves are best at 3-4 inches tall 1 plant per sq. ft.

Prefers soil with pH levels of 6.5 to 6.8

Growing Okra (source)


Okra makes a wonderful side dish and as a thickener for gumbo and stews.  It thrives in regions where corn grows well and can reach anywhere from 2-6 feet tall while making an attractive garden border.

When to Plant

Sow okra seeds in fertile, nitrogen rich soil.

Wait to sow your seeds until the soil has reached a temp. of at least 60 degrees. 

Soak seeds overnight to encourage germination.  Plant 1/2 inch deep in light soil and 1 inch deep in heavy soil.  Place seeds 3 inches apart and then thin to 1- feet apart.

How to Plant

When your okra seedlings are 4 inches tall, mulch around the plant to keep the weeds down and help with moisture retentions, especially during dry spells.   Fertilize with compost tea.

How to Harvest

In 50-60 days your okra will start to be "harvest ready".  They will be tough when they are mature.  Harvesting or picking frequently will keep the plant producing until it is killed by frost. 

Watch out for spines! Wear gloves & long sleeves when harvesting, or try planting a spineless variety such as 'Clemson Spineless'.


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