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All-in-One Fall/Winter Variety Pack

$3999 USD

100% Non-GMO, Pure Heirloom Seeds For Your Backyard That You Can Grow During the Fall/Winter Months

All-in-One Fall & Winter Season Variety Pack includes an assortment of the 15 most popular varieties. Seeds are all individually packaged. 

1. Arugula - Roquette (appx. 150 seeds)

  • Arugula can usually be harvested as early as 4 weeks after planting. The leaves of the Arugula plant add a tangy/peppery flavor to any meal. This variety of Arugula is an "easy-to-grow" green. Plant in the spring, and again in the fall. Arugula is one of the easiest leafy greens you can grow. Arugula is very rich in vitamin C and potassium.  It's been referred to as an aphrodisiac, and used commonly as a "leaf vegetable". The young seed pods, flowers, leaves and mature seeds are all edible.

2. Basil - Italian Large Leaf (appx. 120 seeds)

  • The Italian Large Leaf Basil plant will produce medium to large leaves that can measure up to 4" long! It is of heriloom variety and is extremely fragrant and used widely in the culinary industry.  If you're a lover of basil, this would be a good variety to plant in your garden.

3. Broccoli, Calabrese (appx. 50 seeds)

  • This popular broccoli variety produces a short, 24 inch plant with medium-large heads. Withstands cold well. Best used for a fall crop. Extremely flavorful heads of broccoli  ‘Calabrese’ is an old Italian heirloom variety that sprouts side shoots that will mature for harvesting. Once the main head is cut off the plant will continuously produce many broccoli shoots during the season Great for fall planting.

4. Brussels Sprouts (appx. 15 seeds)

  • Brussels Sprouts generally take about 3 months until they are ready to harvest. The sprouts will mature from the bottom up. 

5. Carrot, Tendersweet 7" (appx. 160 seeds) 

  • One of the sweetest and best tasting carrots you can grow! - Skinny 7" tapered roots - Easy to grow - Carrots are a sun-loving plants that also like the cold. - Just keep them consistently watered and they'll be happy.

6. Cauliflower, All-Year-Round (appx. 70 seeds)

  • This Cauliflower variety produces large white heads and surrounded by dark green leaves. Continues to grow well for a long time. Suitable for successional sowing all year round!

7. Cilantro/Coriander - Slow Bolt Splits (appx. 80 seeds) 

  • This slow-bolting strain is grown primarily for its broad, deep green, celery-like, pungent foliage. Used in Oriental and Mexican cuisine. Use seed to flavor meats, pickles and baked goods.

8. Mustard - Tendergreen (appx. 100 seeds)

  • A traditional Southern favorite. Plant produces good yields of green mustard leaves. Excellent flavor. Makes a great garnish to any dish. Easy to grow.

9. Kale, Blue Curled Scotch (appx. 50 seeds)

  • The Blue Curled Scotch is an early Kale variety which will produce tasty greens! Excellent in salads or steamed. The blue-green leaves are finely curled and reach up to 12-15" tall! Can handle the cold extremely well. One of the best frost resistant kale varieties available.

10. Lettuce, Gourmet Mesclun Mix (appx. 200 seeds)

  • A mixture of favorite lettuce seed varieties from across the spectrum of lettuce types. Plant heavy and start harvest early for young for baby greens then allow some to grow on for plenty of variety for salads. A great way to get a lot out of little space. Perfect for container gardening.

11. Onion, Evergreen (Scallion) (appx. 100 seeds)

  • Allium cepa. This plant produces very long and slender bunching onions. Grown exclusively as green bunching onions. Onions have white shanks and white skin making it a very attractive scallion for gourmet dishes. A hardy plant that can withstand cold weather. If you like scallions, you'll love this variety. Extremely popular. A must have for any onion-lover!

12. Onion - Barletta, Pearly White (appx. 100 seeds)

  • The Barletta, Pearly White Onion is an extremely tasty small pearl-sized onion. Barletta onions are beautiful silver white pickling onions. So delicious! Perfect for shish-ka-bobs, chicken and veggie skewers,  and even just grilled on the bbq. Grows well in containers and small spaces. Easy to grow. 

13. Onion - Red Burgundy (Short Day) (appx. 100 seeds)

  • The Red Burgundy onion plant produces beautiful 4" wide red onions. Short day. These onions have a mild but very sweet flavor. Excellent slicing variety.

14. Radish, Pink Beauty (appx. 160 seeds)

  • Produces beautiful pink radishes with a white flesh. Looks amazing! Great for culinary dishes. The white flesh is crisp and mild in flavor. Great for selling at farmers markets. Unique and rare heirloom radish. Grows well in containers and small spaces.

15.  Spinach, Bloomsdale (appx. 70 seeds)

  • Spinach is very hardy and can tolerate cold — in fact, it thrives in cold weather.  Spinach grows really well during winter months in the South.  Spinach also grows well in early spring and late summer in the North. These seeds should be planted about four weeks before your area's average date of last frost. Bloomsdale Spinach will produce heavy, glossy, dark green leaves. Excellent flavor. Extremely easy to grow. Large, curly dark green leaves.

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