Pepper (Sweet) - White Cloud

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What happens when you remove the color from a pepper? The White Cloud Pepper is what happens. A lovely ivory hue, inside and out, glossy and pearly and sometimes tinged with purple. Like the clouds in the sky, they vary in shape and size from small to medium. Its bell pepper nature can’t quite be tamed, however, so the fruit turns green and then bright orange or red when it matures. The flavor endures as well. Sweet and mild with no heat and a definite crunch. Now, what happens when a gardener grows that white sweet pepper?

  • High yields
  • Crunchy and sweet
  • Harvest any color
  • Good fresh and cooked
  • Grows well in containers and tight spaces


  • Botanical name: Capsicum annuum
  • Pepper size: Small-to-Medium/2"-5"
  • Plant support: Tomato cage or stake
  • Depth to plant seeds: .25" deep
  • Spacing between plants: 18"-24" apart
  • Spacing between rows: 24"-36" apart
  • Days to germinate (sprout): 7-21 days
  • Germination soil temps: 75F-85F
  • Soil needs: 6.0-7.0 pH
  • Sun needs: Full sun
  • Frost hardy: No
  • Planting season: Spring, summer
  • # of plants per sq. ft.: Appx. 1 plant per 2 sq. ft.
  • Days to maturity: 70-75 days

Good companion plants: Basil, Carrot, Cucumber, Eggplant, Okra, Rosemary, Sage, Squash, Tomato

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