Fall and Winter Gardening Made Easy

With the rising prices of food and continued economic troubles worldwide, the fall and winter months might be the perfect time to begin an organic garden with heirloom vegetable seeds. Our packages range from individual varieties to larger bundles and seed banks, all of which are comprised of open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-genetically modified seeds. At SeedsNow.com, we pride ourselves on providing the best seeds to start growing your own organic food. Many of our packages come with step-by-step instructions and all the storage containers you need to keep seeds fresh for years.



The fall and winter seasons are perfect for planting some of nature’s finest foods. Among the delicacies that flourish during the coldest months are turnips, spinach, broccoli, beets and many types of lettuce. These fiber-rich foods are both tasty and filling and can make you feel like a pro when you watch heirloom vegetable seeds sprout into terrific produce.

All of our non-genetically modified seeds can be purchased in seed banks or in individual packets. Before you consider the fall and winter seasons to be downtime for cultivation and other new projects, use these seeds to jump start a garden of organic vegetables.

Though most people enjoy the luxury of eating organic produce, it can be difficult and expensive to buy these items in a market. From broccoli and spinach to carrots from heirloom seeds, organic markets often fluctuate depending on the variables at work in the world. You can control your own destiny when it comes to organic produce by learning how to cultivate your own garden at very low prices. SeedsNow.com can offer the guidance and literature you need to get your garden started and keep it producing excellent organic fruits and vegetables for as long as you want to keep growing. 

If you want to try out a project on a larger scale, the Fall/Winter Harvest Seed Bank offers excellent variety and value. Consisting of 100% non-genetically modified seeds, the package includes a book offering advice on storage, growing and harvesting your crops as well as products for storing and planting indoors. You will be able to cultivate brussel sprouts, carrots, multiple types of broccoli, turnips, swiss chard, turnips and so much more. 

Can you count on the prices of organic food and non-GMO products to remain reasonable? The next time there is a shortage in any type of produce; imagine the feeling of independence you can achieve by cultivating your own produce in your spare time. Cultivation can get your mind and body working and allow you to determine everything that goes into the production of your food. Too often, products labeled organic can slip past regulations even though they were chemically treated in some way. When you control the entire situation by growing your own produce, you can be sure the vegetables and fruit you are getting are totally natural – from the non-GMO seeds all the way to your dinner table.

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what do I need to plant this garden. Can it be grown inside? or totally in pots? How much room will I need?

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Teri Tenn

My fall garden seeds started sprouting with in 7 days of planting! I think that every seed grew. And, now it is hard for me to want to thin them out. I want to save each and every plant. WOW

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