"I have been wanting to start my own little garden for a while. With so many websites out there it was a little confusing as to where to buy seeds from. Specially organic seeds and non genetically modified. I subscribe to The Urban Gardener (Mike Lieberman) on Facebook and he posted an ad for Seeds Now. I went online and was expecting to get my seeds within 2-3 weeks, instead I ordered them on the 19th and received them today (23rd) I am very pleased not to mention excited to embark in this new way of life. And I think it will be extremely beneficial for my little 3 year old. To help me and watch his food grow. Very excited."
-Monica P. (Sharon, WI) | Saturday June 23 2012

"Hi, I recently had a great experience buying from SeedsNow.com. I have been wanting to try buying seeds from you guys for awhile now but I finally decided to after wining a coupon code for 10 dollars of my purchase. I went on the website witch is easily navigated and purchased my seeds. About 3 business days later i received my seeds in mail along with some sample seeds too. My overall experience was great buying from you guys and I will continue to do so. Thank you."
-Alex S. (Blueridge, Virginia) | Friday June 22 2012

"How happily surprised I was to see the HUGE variety of seeds the Seed Now carries.  Their shipping is fast, and their seeds are wonderful. I won't buy my seeds anywhere else from now on!"
-Ann B. (Ocala, FL) | Thursday June 21 2012

"THANK YOU!  My seeds have sprouted and I'm on the way to a beautiful garden!!! I am so excited to be able to eat non GMO veggies! My family has a long history of severe health challenges: cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease etc... but since we've been eating healthy, all medical tests have come back clean and clear! Now I can grow my own garden and continue our freedom to long lasting health! With a grateful heart, Corinne"
-Connie D. (Collierville, TN  ) | Wednesday June 20 2012

"Thank you for the fine shipment of seeds. My family and I look forward to starting a small garden and enjoying the fruits of our labors!"
-Theodore L. (Akron, OH) | Thursday June 14 2012

"Dear SeedsNow.com, I received my Mega Seed Bank on the 7th of June and was absolutely blown away at the amount of seeds you managed to cram into the vaccum sealed storage container. You ship fast and deliver awesome  value for people like me who are looking to prepare for potential disasters. Thank you so much!"
-Jon O. (Anchorage , AK) | Thursday June 14 2012

"So far I've had a great germination rate of VERY healthy looking sprouts and I can't wait for harvest! I absolutely plan to purchase seeds from seedsnow.com again. Great prices, great seeds, fast shipping! I would love to see a larger selection of seeds though."
-Samantha C. (Fitchburg, MA) | Saturday June 9 2012

"I ordered my Mega Seed Bank on June 2nd and received it on June 7th which is pretty fast shipping. I'm new to gardening and excited to start growing my own food! Thanks Seedsnow.com!
-John O. (Anchorage , AK) | Friday June 8 2012

"I ordered my Mega Seed bank on Monday and received it on Thursday morning.  They shipped it the same day.  AND the customer support was excellent for this novice gardener.  Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Brent S. (Laurinburg, NC) | Thursday June 7 2012

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my seed package! Nice to have some non-gmo seeds to grow some healthy food for me and my family. I like the container too, so my seeds will keep for years as i use them. Thank you, and hope to get a few more seeds from you for letting you know how much we like them."
-Randy N. (Mesa, AZ) | Wednesday June 6 2012

"Very impressed with your company, had shipment within 3 days after order.  All items are as advertised and well packaged.  I am looking forward to repeat orders and can't wait to plant your free sample pack."
-Bob W. (Villa Rica, GA) | Monday June 4 2012

"Hello, Just writing to say that I received my package of seeds in the mail today and I am more than impressed.  I researched multiple companies for a Seed Bank and could not find a better deal with such a great variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  I was shocked when I opened what I thought was a smallish looking vault and started pulling out package after package of seeds.  We will have a beautiful garden with plenty of food to feed my family of five with just one Mega Seed Bank.  I think I could easily have plenty of produce to share as well.  I was surprised at how reasonable the pricing was for how much I got.  I am a Northern gardener and all of the varieties will do well in Minnesota. I love the fact that I got the instant soil starters and a fabulous disk with very imformative e-books on it.  Thanks so much for offering such an economical way to feed my family safe, wholesome foods. This was just what I was looking for...an so much more! Thanks, Amie B."
-Amie B. (Barnum, MN) | Monday June 4 2012

"The seeds I ordered arrived very fast.  The order was complete and there were no problems.  Would order from them again."
-Mark L. (Poway, CA) | Thursday May 31 2012

"It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to hop online and find organic, non-gmo, non-hybrid, open-pollinated seeds and so I am very thankful I stumbled across a blog that recommended you!  First off, it was a pleasure ordering the seeds from your beautiful, simple website. I appreciated the pictures, and the clear package options. I received the seeds very quickly, and they were lovely even in the package! Not those typical I-can't-see-what-I'm-getting packages from the garden center.

So far, so good! My plants are coming up healthy and robust and I can't wait to see what they produce!  I also feel awesome knowing what I am eating, and it's natural and untainted by man's experimentation!"
-Melissa W. (Poway, CA) | Tuesday May 29 2012

"Thank you for your quick response in sending my seed order. Your site is well put together, easy to navigate & found exactly what I was looking for. I am glad and relieved I have finally got round to purchasing seeds as a long term prep./survival strategy.  Will be ordering more in the near future for added peace of mind - Thanks!"
-Gerry K. (Port Coquitlam, BC Canada) | Tuesday May 29 2012

"I was so impressed with the packaging and the quality of the seeds I received!!  Not only the best selection of quality seeds I could find but the Mega Seed bank took all the guess work out of creating my seed storage!!  Thank you so much!!"
-Brook N. (Fort Ransom, ND) | Wednesday May 23 2012

"The seeds came in very quickly. I just ordered two days ago and I have them already.  Very good quality of seeds. Thank you."
-Alex L. (Lake Stevens, WA) | Friday May 18 2012

"I just received my Mega Seed Bank along with the CD of 5 ebooks and the free Cherry Tomato seeds; I was very impressed and pleased with all of the items!  I put the "seed bank" directly into the freezer along with the free seeds and put the CD in my laptop to see what the ebooks looked like.  I was SO happy to discover the subjects of the ebooks because these will be SO important in the very near future for survival.  I was also pleased with how quickly the items were shipped!  Thank you for the wonderful product and for giving us a better chance at making it through the difficult times ahead.  God Bless!"
-Lori P. (Sacramento, CA) | Friday May 11 2012

"Thanks Seeds now! Your order was fast and a all ready got it. one think I would like to see included are ploanting instruction with the order could be even printed on invoice sheet thank you very much."
-Jack F. (Aurora, CO) | Friday May 11 2012

"I received the bottle today and the seeds, I am so exited to learn how to do this, thank you you were fast to deliver. My order was: 1423851."
-Angela A. (Houston, TX) | Thursday May 10 2012

"I ordered the seed bank and I'm very happy with the quality of the seeds and how professionally it was packaged. The vacuum lock container was a great addition to store and protect the collection."
-Emil S. (Lone CA) | Sunday May 6 2012

"This will be my first garden and I'm going to do the Square Foot Garden method.  Deciding what to grow was a bit overwhelming so when I saw the "kits" already made up, I was delighted.  I love the CD book and the instructions
are clear for the expanding seed starting soil. Thanks so much for shipping so quickly--can't wait for the last frost to pass here in Maine!"
-Katie K. (Saco, ME) | Sunday May 6 2012

"Seedsnow.com, I don't think I could be happier with the seeds I ordered. I jumped on the pepper and tomato variety sales. The first group of seeds were planted today and I look forward to the results. All heirloom seeds drew me to your seeds. Assuming I have success, my future purchases will certainly include an order from seedsnow.com again! Thank you!"
-David A. (Beavercreek, OH) | Thursday May 3 2012

"Thank you for your quick response in sending my seed order. Your site is well put together, easy to navigate & found exactly what I was looking for. I am excited about harvesting these plants, learning how to save the seeds and grow plants from this garden for years to come."
-Robin H. (Chester, VA) | Sunday April 29 2012

"Hey for order #1423698 thanks for the great service.  We will be ordering more very soon for our stockpile."
-Phil S. (Nineveh, IN) | Friday April 27 2012

"I just received my mini MEGA seed bank. I was pleasantly surprise to find all the different varieties of seeds packed and labeled so nicely together with growing instructions and kit.  Everyone I showed it to was amazed at how much thoughtfulness went into this little bank and want to get one!   Now I've the best gift idea for my family and friends! Thank you SeedNow, I LOVE LOVE your product!"
-April L. (Centennial, CO) | Wednesday April 25 2012

"I am thrilled that my order came in just 2 days!  I am also very excited about my nonGMO nonHybrid seeds, the garden I will grow, and learning to collect my own seeds. Thank you so much SeedsNow, the world needs more companies like yours.!"
-Erin I. (Oliver, B.C.) | Wednesday April 25 2012

"Hello---just a quick note re: my purchase of Mega Seed Bank 4/18/12.  I am very pleased with my purchase --- the seeds complement my survival prep very nicely.  I also enjoyed your very fast shipment.  I would like to be kept informed of your other products when available. Thank You!"
-Richard O. (Wappingers Falls, NY) | Tuesday April 24 2012

"First, I am so glad non-GMO seeds are made available by responsible companies such as SeedsNow, but as a brand new customer a couple of the things that made them stand out is their excellent customer service and VERY fast processing/shipping time - I ordered online on a Tuesday and got it Friday of the SAME week !
Also, before ordering online I had a question regarding the web site and called the toll-free number and got the voice mail and left a message, then I emailed also - (thinking it could be a few days if I ever got a call back), but they responded to my voice mail and called me back the SAME day ! (and replied to my email the same day), not only that, they went the extra mile in resolving things quickly to my complete satisfaction!  (and I found a bonus pack of seeds in my order, thanks !!!!!)"
-Gary L. (Winnsboro, SC) | Friday April 20 2012

"I just ordered a Mega Seed Bank last Friday and received it on the following Monday.  I was so surprised that it came so quickly and over a weekend also.  The product was just as advertised and I was impressed with the "TightVac" storage container the seeds came shipped in which is a vacuum container that is waterproof, insect proof and freezer safe.  Will probably order some more containers for the seeds I harvest.  Looks like a great gift also.  Have read a good deal of the eBook collection included and it's loaded with tons of good information on seed harvesting , drying and storage as well as great gardening info in general.  Great product and customer service."
-Robert O. (Providence Forge, VA) | Tuesday April 17 2012

"Good Morning!  I was just going over my order and I thought that I would write my testimonial.  I had a difficult time ordering on line so I called your 800 number and it was so easy and helpful.  I received my seeds very quickly and now I'm propagating some of them and are sprouting.  These seeds are for a high school vegetable garden that is the first at this school so hopefully the kids will follow the instructions and have a bountiful garden. I am now going to place my order for my garden!!!"
-Ann R. (Winnetka IL) | Tuesday April 17 2012

"Hello - I ordered one of your Mega Seed Banks as well as several packets of individual seeds and an extra seed storage container to use for the seeds I harvest from my crops this year. I was very impressed with the level of communication as far as my order status, and also how quickly my order arrived. I was pleasantly surprised at how many seeds were included in each packet, and the seed storage containers are far superior to the others I have purchased or have seen on the market that claim to be the safest way to store seed. Thank you or offering such amazing products at very affordable pricing!"
-Heidi B. (Manlius, NY) | Sunday April 15 2012

"I recently made my first purchase with SeedsNow (order#1423536) and I have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed. I was initially attracted because of your commitment to sell only non-GMO seeds but I also found other reasons to come back for more. Your website was filled with beautiful color photos, which made it very easy to find seeds, and I was able to pay with PayPal. My seeds arrived quickly and packaged nicely with color photograph labels. Thank you for a wonderful experience and I look forward to shopping with you again."
-Heather C. (Lake Charles, LA) | Saturday April 14 2012

"Thank you for your prompt and professional delivery of my order.  Your company by far is the best in the business not only for service but also for the quality and quantity you provide regarding your products."
-Daniel P. (Galveston, TX) | Friday April 13 2012

"I would like to say that the mini-seed bank that I bought is awesome. I love the vacuum sealed container for storing the seeds. Great product and will order again.  Thanks for a great product!"
-Cassandra C. (Dover, TN) | Tuesday April 10 2012

"I'm impressed that you can pack 55,000 seeds in such a compact, air-tight container- each kind clearly marked in separate pouches. It's assuring to know I have quality seeds on hand. I can't wait to plant some! Thank you for your prompt service."
-Kelli B. (Colton, WA) | Monday April 09 2012

"I can hardly believe the ease in which my order was placed and the speed of delivery. I figured I would have at least a week to prepare the soil, but my order arrived today! The website was easy to navigate, very user friendly and I could see a photo of each item I ordered. I will always go to SeedsNow.com for my GMO Free, Hybrid Free seeds. What a breeze! Thank you!"
-Laura R. (Blaine, Tennessee) | Monday April 09 2012

"Hello, I was invited to provide a testimonial and here it is.  I found the ordering and purchasing process easy and received the seeds a few days later.  I love the TightVac container and am excited to begin planting the seeds I received.  I am also pleased that I can keep some of the seeds safely in the container for use at a later time.  Since I have not actually planted the seeds yet I cannot comment on them, but am not anticipating and problems.  Thanks so much for allowing us the option to grow food from seeds the way God meant them to be, and not with seeds from a lab."
-Pina M. (Caledon, Ontario) | Monday April 09 2012

"I got my seed vault and it is just as advertised. What a great buy. Quality product, well packaged and what a verity of seeds. I did not expect such a wide verity. Ty, I will definitely be back for more......"
-Anthony E. (Cameronpark, CA) | Monday April 09 2012

"I wanted to give you a very positive feedback about the seeds I have ordered and received . I have started cucumbers, lettuce and spinach aleady, and estimate about 95% germination. Thank you for an excellent all organic product."
-Robert F. (Yorktown, VA) | Saturday April 07 2012

"Hi! I just got my order in the mail today and wow I am SUPER impressed!!!!!!! The Mega Seed Bank is pretty awesome to say the least. Thank you so much for the additional free samples. I'll be sure to put them to good use. I recommended you to my friends and one already ordered the Mega Seed Bank and was equally impressed with it.

Thanks again for calling me to let me know that there was going to be a slight delay. Even with the slight delay I still got everything a lot quicker than I had expected. I couldn't be happier to have found your website via the Urban Organic Gardener on Facebook. Do you guys have a Facebook page? If not you should! Many Thanks!"
-Christina C. (Venice, CA) | Wednesday April 04 2012

"I love the little clear packages of seeds with labels.  All seeds should be sold like this so you can see the quality of them , which by the way is very good.  Can't wait to see how they produce."
-Mary G. (Selkirk, NY) | Monday April 02 2012

"The seeds arrived today.  I have not planted them yet ~ as I will be saving the bank for later. I like the way that it is pressure sealed as well as resealable.  The herb garden I will begin this week.  Having the soil starters will be quite helpful.  I will be reading up on the planting soon. Thanks for providing such an all inclusive set!!!"
-Sally G. (Houston, TX) | Saturday Mar 31 2012

"Hi I just wanted you to know I received my SeedsNow.com order in record time.  Excellent service and price.  Will use you for all my garden needs.  Love your non-GMO seedlings which is all I use now.  Thanks again."
-Phil S. (Nineveh, IN) | Friday Mar 30 2012

"Ordering from the site was easy.  I liked that you kept my order for several days until I could figure out what I wanted.  It did not erase on line like some sites do.  The seeds were here in 3 days of placing the order.  Awesome customer service when I had some questions.  Will definitely order my seeds next year from here."
-Penny B. (Houston, TX) | Friday Mar 30 2012

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found this site!  I have probably ordered for you at least five times in the last year!  Your prices are great as well as the quality.  Everything I plant turns out great!"
-Kristen B. (Tyler, TX) | Sunday Mar 25 2012

"The germination rate was as stated . The cucumbers, carrots and corn have sprouted very strongly in the beginning of the days to germination. Very nice. Thanks for the tomato seeds, which have also come up."
-Olnea T. (Rosedale, NY) | Saturday Mar 24 2012

"Thank you Chris for your prompt response. I know I'm late but I had to take the time to thank you guys at SeedsNow for my wonderful experience. So far I've planted several of the seeds you sent me and they are all growing beautifully. Hoping to be able to transfer them to my aquaponics system fairly soon. Please send my thanks to everyone else on the SeedsNow team. You all are such a blessing to my family and many other families looking to grow their own food. Keep up the excellent customer service. You guys are fantastic and I can't wait to do business with you again real soon. God bless."
-Nichole M. (Lithia Springs, GA) | Friday Mar 23 2012

"I was absolutely amazed at how fast the seeds arrived and how quickly they were shipped. Only took about a half hour from the time I ordered them and received them in the mail three days later! I will most definitely be coming back for more. Much appreciated!"
-Corene M. (Rock Creek, OH) | Friday Mar 23 2012

"Site was easy to navigate, service was excellent, and shipment was received fast!!"
-Mark T. (Hackettstown, NJ) | Thursday Mar 22 2012

"I received my packet of seeds and was gladly surprised with how quickly i received my package, as soon as I got them I planted them just as  your packaging says my seeds started to germinate in about a week. Also I never buy anything online without looking for the best deal/price YOU GUYS are the cheapest and I love the bundle packets you have. I will be back soon for next seasons crop!"
-Chelsea T. (Vista, CA) | Thursday Mar 22 2012

"I love your "heirloom" seeds. Having them arrive in a vacuum-sealed canister makes buying your seeds even more practical. Since I have purchased your seeds more than once, I must say that I am extremely happy with my overall shopping experience. Prompt shipment of my order has allowed me to get my plants started earlier than normal, getting a jump on planting season. Your seeds are exactly as advertised, with an excellent germination rate. I will definitely order from Seeds Now again, and I will tell all my friends and family about your website. Keep up the good work!"
-Gloria A. (Loxley AL) | Tuesday Mar 20 2012

"This will be the first year i am attempting to expand my garden and grow new veggies. I also wanted to attract the pollinators to all my new veggies so, i bought the butterfly and bee scatter garden kits. I was very happy to receive my mega seed bank to help me get started this growing season! With the E-book collection added in, Seedsnow.com has set me up for success!! thank you, I cant wait to get started!"
-Steve S. (Brooklyn Park, MN) | Tuesday Mar 20 2012

"I wanted to start my garden off the right way, using high-quality, sustainable, NON-GMO seeds and SeedsNow.com was most certainly the way to go.  The seeds were in excellent condition, packaged nicely with everything included to get me started.  There was plenty of information available in the seed packet as well as information on each seed variety on the website.  The website is nicely done, easy to follow/navigate, and very knowledgeable.  Best of all the amount of seeds you get for your money and the fast shipping made for an unparalleled experience.  I would highly recommend SeedsNow.com for all of your fruit and vegetable needs.  Really impressed by the customer service, website, and overall quality & efficiency of this purchase.  I will definitely be shopping at SeedsNow.com again in the very near future."
-Steve S. (Ann Arbor, MI) | Monday Mar 19 2012

"I recently purchased the Seed Vault and herb seeds from Seeds Now.  I was really surprised that my order was delivered to me within one week of my order.  I am very impressed with the packaging for the seeds.  I plan to keep them in their containers in the refigerator / freezer until planting.  The enclosed has also been very helpful; so much information.  It's plain to see that your company wants your customers to succeed."
-Sally R. (Oakhurst, CA) | Monday Mar 19 2012

"Dear Support SeedsNow, Thank you for sending me the seeds so quickly and in air tight sealed packets. The quality is great and I was very impressed in both how fast it they were shipped and how fresh they look. I look forward to planting these seeds in my future garden to grow wonderful produce to feed my family and friends."
-Edward (Visalia, CA) | Monday Mar 19 2012

"I ordered the Medicinal Herb kit.  Within 5 days of planting the seeds 6 plants had already started to sprout.  By day 8, 11 of the seeds had begun to sprout.  It is exciting each day to see another seed pod with green.  Even the plants that can be difficult to grow have sprouted.  I could not be happier with the product I purchased.  I have already ordered another kit to help in our garden.  I can hardly wait to see what my garden will be like this year.  Thank you for the quality of your products.  I have told all my family and friends about your website!"
-Alysia H. (Olympia, WA) | Friday Mar 16 2012

"I love to garden and had been looking for a place to purchase Non-GMO seeds on the internet.  I found Seedsnow.com and read reviews about them.  All the reviews raved about their service and products. I decided to give it a try.  I ordered the survival kit. I received my package quickly and was pleasantly surprised.  The seed storing container was much larger than I imagined.  I was delighted that everything I ordered was there including the wealth of information on gardening and storing seeds in electronic format. Seedsnow.com has great service and I would recommend it to anyone.  I am considering ordering another kit in the future. It is worth the investment!"
-Lakesha G. (Elyria, OH) | Thursday Mar 15 2012

"After looking at six other sources for our seed need.  My wife and decided to make our purchase with Seeds now. We made this decision with the thought that the seeds in mega seed bank are life insurance. We won't know if they are good until we are going to need them to feed us because there is little or no food. Which company are we going to trust with that? We bought some other seeds along with the Mega to plant right away to do two things, (1) Learn the growing process ( Instruction CD was included with our order) (2) Verify the seeds germination success. What we learned  is that the order was filled right away. Filled correctly and packed very well with lots of packing. Thank you."
-Herb Y. (Orange, CA) | Monday Mar 12 2012

"Hello Seeds Now, I received a Mega Seed Bank as a gift from my aunt who loves to garden!  She was my mentor for years when we lived near each other in Ohio, and now that I live far away she sends me the best garden gifts.  Well she really out did herself this time!! I love my seed bank!  I have been looking at them for a few years now and thought they were a great idea, but had not bought my own.  It's a great container and fits in my freezer nicely.  I cannot wait to explore your site for more innovative gardening products. Thanks Seeds Now!"
-Tiffany C. (Kalispell, MO) | Wednesday Mar 07 2012

"Hello:  Just to let you know that the mega-seed kit I ordered a few days ago arrived today at my local Post Office... order # 3039. A quick review off all items included says that it's 'just as advertised'. Great! With 'eternal summer here', we'll be starting up soon and, hopefully, have edibles all year. Thanks for your VERY FAST SERVICE... no ifs and buts saying you 'could not sell to me because I'm in PR'... which is USA, and not international as another non-gmo seed Co. insisted. Thanks also for being open to mailing USPS in flat-rate box, and for taking payment via PayPal. Excellent! I'll be a repeat customer, as well as recommending you to others, including my family.

BTW... I used the 25 starters, planting 4 with 2 beet seeds ea., 4 more with 2 onions ea. and the rest with carrots. That was Sund afternoon. Last night, Tuesday, all beet seeds were sprouting (in several more than the 2 seeds I placed !!) and 2 onion seeds as well.  This AM most of the beet sprouts are 1" tall... in less than 72 hours. Is that normal?"
-Dave S. | Wednesday Mar 07 2012

"I received my order quickly and in the condition as advertised.  I love the vacuum seal container and the 55 varieties of seed it contains. The fact that it is non-hybrid and non-GMO is a HUGE plus in my book.  The books on CD are a great reference. I have started working my planting beds and am looking forward to trying the various varieties of tomato.  Will also lay in some cucumber and squash. Knowing that SeedsNow has the variety I like, I am sure to be a repeat customer."
-Brian S. (Kapolei, HI) | Friday Mar 02 2012

"I ordered the Urban Grow Kit so I could try to grow some of my own food. I've heard from a friend that this was a very reliable site to get organic seeds. I haven't had a chance to start growing them yet, but I'm excited to start! The price of the kit is very reasonable, there are TONS of seeds included. The seeds arrived quickly and everything was in order. I received all the seeds and supplies as promised. I'm confident I'll get to enjoy some good, healthy, organic food soon!"
-Jezica A. (Colorado Springs, CO) | Wednesday Feb 29 2012

"Hello SeedsNow!  I ordered the tomato pack and they arrived quickly.  I waited to write this until I planted my seeds (by the way I will have enough tomato seeds to last my little garden forever I think!).  Every single seed I planted has already sprouted and looking very healthy.  I cannot wait to enjoy them this summer!  Thank you very much!"
-Deana W. (KC, Missouri) | Wednesday Feb 29 2012

"Thank you for the speedy delivery. Ordered it on a Friday and it came on Monday morning.  I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the books on CD, as I was expecting books in paper format.  I will start planting soon once the weather gets warmer!"
-Hoang Hai Dang. (Carthage, Missouri) | Monday Feb 27 2012

"I received my mega seed bank and the free 25 starter soil packs today , what an awesome product I am already planning what to start in my greenhouse today. I ordered on Tuesday and received them on Friday great job Seeds Now!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Curtis S. (Jenks, OK) | Friday Feb 24 2012

"I recently purchased the Mega Seed Bank, the pepper variety pack, and an assortment of other seeds. The seeds arrived extremely fast (impressive as it is international shipping) in very professional packaging, all clearly labeled. I am anxious to see how these seeds perform and will more than likely re-order next year. Thanks for the great service!The only complaint I have is that I ordered three herbs - Hyssop, Borage, and Rue. When the order arrived, everything was fine except instead of Hyssop I received Cardoon."
-Landan D. (Lasalle, Ontario) | Wednesday Feb 22 2012

"Hi - Seeds came very quickly exactly as advertised.  10's of thousands of seeds all conveniently packed in a beautiful vacuum sealed canister!!  Very pleased with product and service and will recommend to family and friends!!  Thanks!!"
-Katherine J. (Zion, IL) | Sunday Feb 19 2012



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