"Thank you so much for such quick shipping of my order.  My order was perfect, well packed, and just as you advertised it.  AND, you gave me free tomato seeds!  I'm very happy with your company!"
Nancy W. | Shippensburg, PA | Saturday Oct 27 2012

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your incredibly rapid shipment of my Fall/Winter Seed Bank purchase.  This past year was my first foray into gardening and your response to my written question has made my success a certainty.  The fact that you agree with me cod fish DNA has no business in a tomato is an added bonus.  I look forward to purchasing more seed banks from you."
Linda G. | Franklin, Wisconsin | Friday Oct 26 2012

"Hello, and thanks for checking in!  Yes, my husband and I are very happy with the order, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.  We appreciate your company's integrity in its avoidance of GMOs.  We have recommended your site to other family members. Cheers!"
Daniella  C. | Albany, New York | Thursday Oct 25 2012

"Hey.. thanks seed people (which I assume are like pod people but smaller ;-) appreciate the update. THANKS so much for being you... I haven't had corn in over a year and I miss it lots... can't wait till next year... gonna live on fresh non GMO corn and corn bread and corn chowder... and I've digressed into the guy from Forest Gump.  Thanks again!"
Adam C. | Park City, UT | Tuesday Oct 23 2012

"I'd like to say that I am very impressed with the service and selection from SeedsNow.com. Shipping was fast and I really loved the variety packs that made ordering for Fall a snap. Thanks and looking forward to this year's harvest."
Lance D. | Geneva, FL | Tuesday Oct 23 2012

"Thank you, everything has arrived and is so far so good.  The best I've ordered from so far on all around selection, shipping costs, and prices."
Ben M. | Minden, Louisiana | Sunday Oct 21 2012

"To Whom It May Concern,

I am very pleased with my purchase from your website.  Your webpage was very easy to navigate and understand.  It was very user friendly and I greatly appreciate that fact.  I had no trouble locating the types of seeds i wanted to purchase and browsing the rest of the site was a breeze as well.  Your check-out process was simple and easy.

Thank you!!"
Alexia K. | Jacksonville, NC | Saturday Oct 20 2012

"This was my first order and I will sent photos of the progress of my raised garden. I can attest to SUPER SERVICE. I ordered late on a Wednesday afternoon. The order was processed and shipped Thursday and arrived in the mail on Saturday morning. If the quality of the crop is even half as good as the service - well, you have a customer for life (plus all my gardener friends)."
Mike F. | Phoenix, AZ | Saturday Oct 20 2012

"This is the second order I have placed this year. When I started to learn the difference between hybrid and heirloom seeds I needed to get more information and your site has done this for me greatly. We have enjoyed what we have planted so far. We are now getting ready to harvest more cucumbers, honeydews, and bell peppers. Our hot peppers are growing so much that we have had to give a lot away. We are now in the process of saving the seeds for replanting. Thanks Seeds Now!!!"
Myran J. | Houston, Texas | Saturday Oct 20 2012

"I just ordered the Mega Seed Bank and a Seed Saving Kit over the weekend, with the intention of storing it away as part of my preps.  Two days later, I received confirmation that it had been shipped.  Another two days, and it's in my hands.  It is rare to have items delivered that fast when shopping online. 

And when I opened the package, wow, what a surprise.  The two free Rio Grande Tomato seed packets were totally unexpected, but I was even more impressed with the free Gardening eBook Collection DVD.  As somebody who is only getting started on gardening, this was most appreciated. 

SeedsNow.com has gone above and beyond the norm.  What's more, their marketing plan is brilliant.  Including the $5 off promo code advertising cards are a great idea, as I fully intend to give them out to my friends and family. 

I am very impressed with my experience with SeedsNow.com, and will absolutely recommend them to others. 

Thank you for your great prices, free shipping at $40+, and outstanding service."
Neal T. | Chicago, Illinois | Friday Oct 19 2012

"I recently got back from deployment in July and made a hasty decision that I wanted to plant my first garden late in the season to see what I could expect next year. Wanting some none GMO seeds I did a quick google search and happened upon SeedsNow.com. It must've been fate. I purchased some cucumber, couple different peppers, and some herb seeds.

To my surprise I received the seeds 3 days after I ordered them! After a week or so of trying my best to prep the soil I planted. After battling aphids and over-watering I now have basil and cilantro growing rather well, and I should have quite a few ripened cucumbers before the first frost!

I'd like to thank Seedsnow.com for prompt delivery and very quality seeds! As well as the free tomato seeds they sent with my order!"
Zackery O. | Killeen, TX | Thursday Oct 18 2012

"Just a quick thank you for the amazingly fast shipping and for providing Non-GMO products it's nice to see that there are places like yours out there so that I don't have to rely solely on the local stores' sparse selections to get my organic produce. Looking forward to planting them as soon as I can. We just got the first frost of the year so it'll be a while but I am excited to see the seedlings start growing. I am very satisfied with what I have seen so far and will most likely be in touch once I get things going in the spring."
Ryan H. | Greenville, Wisconsin | Tuesday Oct 16 2012

"Thanks again, Seeds Now! You are doing a wonderful and important thing. I was so impressed with the quality of your seeds that I had my mother in law order a Homestead Seed Bank and a copy of Seed to Seed yesterday.  Keep up the good work!"
Ryan H. | Portola, California  | Monday Oct 15 2012

"This is a long overdue Thank You letter to www.SeedsNow.com for making my First Ever garden so successful.
This was something I never thought I would venture to do. I was so excited when I got my Non-GMO heirloom seeds all wonderfully packaged.
I started my garden a little late in June but I'm astonished at how well my seeds have done and the produce that I have harvested and continue to be harvesting. I've shared with my family and friends - cooked, bbq'd, baked, and ate fresh - carrots, beans, tomatoes, peppers.
Tending to the garden everyday has been therapeutic, relaxing annd just plain 'ol hearty joy!
My knowledge of gardening and companion planting has certainly fluorished. Thanks Chris and SeedsNow for your great customer service, your advice and always making the time to answer my questions, and all the tips on your Facebook page and website.
My Fall planting is underway with kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, onions, lettuce and bok choy.
My flower seeds should be arriving any day now and that's another venture I look forward to.
We're already plotting a bigger garden next year, so watch out for it as my story unfolds.
And wondering what to get? A hostess gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any occasion - give a gift of 'perpetual' seeds and blooms - they'll thank you for it.
Thanks SeedsNow for this new wonderful journey I'm experiencing!"

Adeline P. | Beaverton, Ontario, Canada | Thursday Oct 11 2012

"Ex(seed)ed my expectations, shipping was prompt and a number of my plants are already sprouting! Thanks for being great!"
Joshua V. | Winter Springs, FL | Thursday Oct 11 2012

"I just received my Homestead Seed Bank, All in One Pepper Pack, and Seed to Seed storage and growing guide book and I could not be more pleased.

The seed bank has a wonderful weight to it and the seeds look spectacular, far exceeding my expectations.

The pepper pack looks great as well can't wait to get those Habaneros into some soil. Any chance on getting some ghost peppers in to the rotation?

The book is amazing as well, exceptionally thorough and appears to contain everything one might need to know in order to maintain a perpetual supply of seeds from year to year. 

Looking forward to trying some of the specialty eggplant varieties including the Casper, Pandora, and Ping Tung.

Thank you Seedsnow! I cannot wait to start growing and get off that grocery store GMO. Keep up the good work."
Ryan H. | Portola, California  | Saturday Oct 06 2012

"Dear Seeds Now, I was very impressed with your customer service.  I ordered my seeds on a Monday and had them in my hands by Thursday of the same week. I placed my order over the phone and the gentleman that I talked with was very knowledgeable and helped with my questions about various seeds. He also helped me add a few items to my bill to make sure that I had reached the $40.00 limit to receive free shipping. This was my first time using Seeds Now and I look forward to using them in the future."
Tracy P. | Rossmoor, California | Friday Oct 05 2012

"Hello, I received my order today.  This is my first order.  The ordering process was clear and easy and very professionally handled. Your systems kept me informed of my order progress every step of the way.  Everything was well packed and met my expectations.  I will certainly order again."
Charles K. | Emmaus, PA | Friday Oct 05 2012

"Thank  you so much for the quick shipment.  I was really surprised how quickly I got my seeds.  I also liked that you included a little tomato kit extra (my son keeps wanting to plant it).  This was the best deal I found, especially for the price and that the little dirt pods are included.  I can’t wait to plant them in the spring – hoping for a good turnout.  I will be ordering seeds such as the medicinal kit and sprouting seeds in the near future."
Wendy B. | Eynon, PA | Thursday Oct 04 2012

"Got my package of beautiful seeds very quickly and it was delightful to open it and see the how great they were packaged!  I can't wait to get them into the ground this spring and some maybe this fall too. I am researching how to pollinate some of my ears of corn so they stay NON-GMO so I can plant them in the future  ~  Thank you again"
Garnette H. | Santa Rosa, CA | Tuesday Oct 02 2012

"Everything showed up on time and as advertised. The container works well, labeling is clear and efficient and the bonus tomato starter pack is a great surprise. Can't wait to get growing. We'll be back! Thank you."
Jim C. | Englewood, Colorado  | Sunday Sept 30 2012

"Hi, I'd like to leave you guys some feedback. I ordered a few seeds recently and I was thoroughly impressed with the super fast shipping, the packaging was great and very informative. I ordered Kale, Turnips, Carrots and more and these must be some super seeds because they have ALL began sprouting which is awesome. We're really excited for this fall/winter's harvest and will definitely be ordering for our spring/summer garden. We really appreciate your service, Thanks!"
B. Lewis | Memphis, Tennessee | Wednesday Sept 26 2012

"Hello - I was extremely satisfied with the order I received from my husband today (Cloud IT).  I am extremely happy to get started with some indoor growing and seeds for the in the future. Thank you!!!"
Brandy W. | York, PA | Sunday Sept 23 2012

"I ordered from SeedsNow.com and am very happy with my non-GMO seeds.  I am so happy I found a place that supports organic and truly natural food.  As a chef it is important to me on a very deep level that the food we prepare and eat be good in quality and from a source that is giving back to the world, not taking from it.  SeedsNow.com was fast in their delivery and their product is superior and I feel good about ordering my seeds from them."
Nancy L. | Charlotte, North Carolina | Saturday Sept 22 2012

"We just wanted to let you know that this is our first time planting a garden here in Florida. I was raised in Australia and the trend there is for most people to grow at least a few herbs and vegetables. Out here, there seems to be very few people who do, at least in the urban communities.

The first problem we were told was that the ground here was not conducive for plants to grow and if they do grow, they die very quickly or produce very poor fruit.

The second problem was that due to the very hot weather and lack of water, it took constant care to get anything to grow. It was going to be more work than it was worth.

Well, this got me thinking because I was fed up paying such high prices for poor quality vegetables on a weekly basis and organics were just too expensive to consider buying exclusively. I researched the earth box and for us, this was going to be an expensive option to grow as much as we wanted to grow. I want us to be self reliant for all vegetables and herbs. And down the track fruit as well!

My research brought me back home to Australia and the wicking garden system which is a large scale and permanent version of the earth box! So we headed to home depot, bought all the supplies to build our own large self watering garden! Now it was no good having the perfect gardening system with low grade seeds, so I again did my research and your company name, plus one other, kept coming up. I compared the prices and chose to go with your company.

We are at the beginning stages, but so far the seeds that have been direct planted are flourishing and growing faster than we can keep up with! And the seeds we planted in the expanding seed starting soil are amazing!

We should be outside as I write this email to build our second self watering garden bed, but for the torrential rain that is coming down! The first one has gone so well that we are going to plant our seedlings and second batch of seeds in a second garden bed!

We want to thank you for providing to us affordable, good quality, and organic seeds that my family will be eating on for many months and hopefully many years to come!

Once we get our first fruits we will email you with an update! We are looking forward to tasting what home grown veggies and herbs taste like!

We will definitely keep coming back to you for our seeds! Thanks!"
Jazz J. | Palm Springs, Florida | Saturday Sept 22 2012

"Thanks so much for following up.  The seeds hit the garden beds this weekend for the most part, and I am awaiting seedlings.  This is my first foray into gardening, and I am thrilled to be getting my seeds from someone who believes genetic modifications have no business in our food.

Thanks for the cherry tomato seeds and the upgrade on the watermelon seeds.  I am looking forward to both!!

I am still trying to find some strawberry seeds, if you know of a good source.  I don't want to buy plants if I can avoid it.

Thanks again, and count on me letting you know how things are growing!!  I've attached a pic of three of the beds that now contain your seeds.  Now we water and wait!!"

Chris G. | Glendale, Arizona  | Monday Sept 24 2012

"Just wanted to send a big thank you to SeedsNow for my recent order. I received my seeds really fast, in less than two days! All my seeds were there plus a free sample and some upgrades! I love the labeling on the packages and the fact that can reseal them after use!

I finally found a site where I can use Paypal to buy quality seed at a great price! Thank you so much! I will definitely shop here again!"
Shakira R. | Gainesville FL | Thursday Sept 20 2012

"I want to send a HUGE thank you to SeedNow for my recent order.  I'm fairly new to the whole home gardening scene and have been a little intimidated with the process.  I bought several seed packets (with my kids' input) hoping to have success.  The shipping was super quick and the instructions for prepping/storing seeds was perfect for a novice!  I'm happy to report success with ALL my seeds!  I've sure learned a heck of a lot about planting and gardening, and I thank SeedsNow for making the transition from scardy-cat to future farmer very empowering. :)"
Kristin S. | Honolulu, Hawaii  | Monday Sept 17 2012

"I just received the MEGA Seed Bank and I was surprised on how fast the shipping was.  Seed Bank is enclosed very nicely and came with a free CD on gardening.  Definitely will do business again!"
Andrew D. | Fresno, California  | Monday Sept 17 2012

"To Whom This May Concern,

This is a first time ordering from SeedsNow.com after seeing friends talking about it on facebook.
Boy, were we surprised on how easy it was to order, the selections available (all non-GMO that we love), and
most impressive of all, how quickly SeedsNow has shipped the seeds out (not to mention a few upgrades to our
order).  We received the seeds in only less than 4 days.

A big THANK YOU SeedsNow!   We truly appreciate it.  With our new 3 months old child, we feel safe that
we'll be able to grow our own organic vegetables, make our own healthy vegetable juices + smoothies with the various
nutrients that will get passed on to our little angel via breast milk.  

Simon & Ling"
Katie F. | Placentia, California | Monday Sept 17 2012

"I am very impressed with the labeling system on the seed packets.  I wasn't expecting to have all the information I needed on one small label (and a picture)! The free large red cherry tomato sample was also a marvelous surprise. Overall, I was very happy with my purchase from SeedsNow.com, and intent to keep you in mind for my gardening needs.  Thank you!"
Katie F. | Nashville, Tennessee  | Monday Sept 17 2012

"I just ordered the All-In-One Fall & Winter Seed Bank. WOW!!! My son and I were so exited to get my package in the mail. This is the first time I've attempted a fall/winter garden. The info we got from this kit has been a huge help. We went right to work the same day we got our kit, getting our seeds planted. Everyone of our seeds that we planted germinated and in a short time too. We are looking forward to our first harvest from this kit.

Thank you so much for making this so easy on us. We will be fall & winter gardening for ever now that we know how and have had such great success with or planting. We can't thank you enough!!!!"
Sharlene E. | Wenatchee, WA | Thursday Sept 13 2012

"Got all my seeds plus a free sample! I love the fact that your service accepts paypal too.  Makes things much easier for me.  Thanks!!"
Mallory T. | Waldron, Arkansas  | Monday Sept 10 2012

"Easy website to navigate. Extremely fast shipping. Product was exactly as described. Highly recommend doing business with this company!"
  Jessica B. | Waldron, Arkansas  | Monday Sept 10 2012

"I was really interested in starting my own garden. I've jumped on the Organic bandwagon and I wanted REAL seeds that were non GMO seeds. Since this was my first time I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure how green my thumb was. SeedsNow made it really simple for me. They gave me seeds that were non GMO and gave me step by step instructions. They even provided seed starting soil. There were a lot of seeds in my package. SeedsNow also gave me instructions on what to do with the seeds I wasn't going to use right away. What a great experience! I'm already looking forward to next season to see what I can grow."
 Caela G. | Chillicothe, OH  | Sunday Sept 09 2012

"WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot say enough good things about SeedsNow. I had some trouble ordering online and someone immediately responded to me with suggestions. Once that was worked out, I placed my order and a couple days later received my package. The shipping was extremely quick and it was packaged very well. I will definitely order from SeedsNow again. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience."
 Jennie H. | St. Peters, MO  | Saturday Sept 08 2012

"My first order with you was so impressive that I can't stay away!  I just love the variety of seeds offered, and how each pack of seeds is well marked and placed in resealable bags.  We have already had to expand our garden area for next year to accommodate all of the seeds I am purchasing from you!"
  Jim & Melissa M. | DILLSBURG, PA | Thursday Sept 06 2012

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. I was really surprised about your company. I will tell you my story of how I came about finding your company.

This year I started a small garden in my yard (about 10x12) from an area of grass that died from having all the furniture from my basement placed on it when my basement flooded last year. I thought rather than replant the grass why not grow a garden? It will give me something to do on my days off and I might save a little money on produce. So I planted my garden with some cabbage (that never came up but then I had a few volunteers show up mid year after I planted plants instead of seeds) cucumber, zucchini, pear and cherry tomato, jalapeño and bell pepper, garlic and then leeks. My cucumber, tomato and zucchini all had great results. I spent the 2 days before I ordered tending my garden and getting it ready for the Swiss chard seeds I bought from a local store earlier in the year, I knew they were a good cold weather plant so I was going to grow the whole plot with it, harvest and cook or freeze for the winter. BUT I lost the seeds, they could be found no where! I finally came to the conclusion I probably threw them away on accident! So I drove to the store here I bought the seeds and nothing! They were all gone, so I called around and NOBODY has any seeds not even the nurseries. Everyone told me they shipped them back to the supplier by late may early June. I was so up set I couldn't believe I lost my seeds and I wasnt able to find anyone with seeds.

So after some venting I decided to google "where to buy vegetable seeds online" I found a gardening article on some urban organic gardening website about the benefits of buying your seeds from the source and the first on their list was this company called "SeedsNow.com" which they described as a "small family owned and operated company specializing in organic 100% non GMO seeds" perfect! I thought, a USA based company owned by a family I know they have got to be good!. So I clicked the link and I browsed down to "contact" and called the number it was around 6:30 pm mountain time So I wasn't putting my hopes on someone answering but gave it a shot, nobody answered so I left a message. But I couldn't let it rest, I just spent 2 days getting my garden ready and I had to have results by the end of the day. So I went back online from my iPhone and browsed the site and found all sorts of cool Plants and herbs that I could buy, a HUGE selection!

After searching for a bit I then found the "Fall/Winter Seed Bank" I couldn't believe my eyes, all of the plants I had been researching to grow in my zone that could stand the cold weather were available in this package deal, thousands of seeds and all of the other cool benefits for just $37? I couldn't stand waiting any more so I pulled out my credit card and started the ordering process and then it seemed like I was in an infomercial with the "but wait! There's more!" when I saw "free shipping on any order of $40.00 or more!" so I said why not? It's only $3 more dollars. I thought what else do I want? "Oh herbs sound good!, I can but them in my new Tupperware herb grower thingy" (yeah I'm a guy and I have Tupperware an I'm only 26! But my momma taught me well buy only the stuff that will last!) so I go and find a few herbs I want and at $.99 that's a smoking deal since the store try are 1.20 to 2.00! So I racked up my bill to $40.79 and said that's good "but wait! There's more!" I found a promo code online to get 10% off AND free shipping! Use it I said and my order was down to $36. I placed the order and I got it 3 days later!

I was so anxious to get my seeds I started planning for my summer garden next year and have been making a list of what I want and found even cooler things on the website. I couldn't believe the deal I got, organic 100% Non-GMO seeds from a local family run business, how can you get any Better than that? I immediately went on Facebook and "liked" seedsnow.com and shared my ordering of the fall/winter seed bank with all my friends "but wait! There's more!" I spread the news with everyone I know who gardens! So I know the company will recoup my $4 savings ten fold! My co worker has an even bigger garden than I do and when I showed him everything on the site and the package deals and the fact the mega pack can last up to 7-10 years he was blown away, he told me he and his wife are going to look into seeds for next year!

I couldn't believe how good I felt about my purchase, I knew that I'm getting a great product from a family company that isn't selling me something that has been altered in a lab that could possibly make me develop a third nipple or something crazy like that after eating the product. I knew that I would be a return customer because I was offered something so great and there are even greater things on there, gift ideas and year round indoor plant ideas and so on so forth. I am a happy customer and I have been doing nothing but raving about this company that I found by chance all because I lost my seeds! Thank you for a great product and great service! You have a customer for life and I will send as much business your way as I can!
Matt L. | Nampa, ID | Tuesday Sept 04 2012

"Everything was as expected and we even had an extra surprise with the large red cherry tomato sample!  We have already grown and eaten a batch of the sprouts!  Very yummy!  Thank you for everything!  I will post pics on your FB page once our greenhouse is doing well! =)"
Andria L. | Hale, Michigan | Tuesday Sept 04 2012

"Hello & thank you for your speedy shipping of my purchase. I am greatly looking forward to growing my Borage. The tomatoes are going to be great, I anticipate a lot of good eating next spring. Thank you for having this business and hope to shop again soon."
Cynthia L. | Brighton, MI | Monday Sept 03 2012

"Hello SeedsNow,

Thank you so much for the super fast shipping.  My name is Angela J. and I am a stay at home mom of three, me and my kids love to garden but since we are a single income family who eats organic non gmo vegetables I have to grow as much as I can to save money plus I just love gardening too.  I have been wanting to buy non gmo seeds for awhile but was afraid they would be too pricey but then I found your company and in almost every category was a 99 cent buying option, I am so excited that I finally found a company that sells non gmo seeds and at an amazing price too, thank you so much for offering so many variety's at awesome prices!

Do you think you will be offering any fruit seeds anytime soon I really want to grow strawberries!

I will be ordering from you guys again real soon as I forgot to buy zucchini seed...Ugh!  I also am already telling all of my friends at my local moms club about your company and how affordable your seeds are and the benefits of non gmo seeds.

Take care and God Bless!"
Angela J. | Antioch, CA | Sunday Sept 02 2012

Feedback for my purchases:
The Seed Starting Soil Pellets have made starting seeds a HUGE success, and has really made a significant improvement in our gardening! I’ve tried all sorts of ways to start seeds, but none have worked half as well as these soil pellets. These things pay for themselves.
The seeds are very good – but there isn’t a lot of info with the seeds regarding how to germinate and how long until harvest – I had to look all that info up elsewhere. Case in point, if I didn’t already know that parsley seeds need some extra work, as well as the patience of a Buddhist monk, I would have not known how to get them to germinate.  Maybe if you put a page of info accompanying seed orders, that would solve that one. Or more info on the package.
I’d like to see refills of the seed saving kit available – more glassine envelopes, seed tins, and also extra labels available for those of us that need more, but don’t need the whole kit.  Many more seed tins would fit in the seed saving kit, and I’d be thrilled if I could get another dozen of them.  Our garden did well this year, I’m using up the glassine envelopes, would like to give a bunch of seeds away, but then I don’t have more envelopes for myself, for more food which will be harvested in the coming months.   
So glad that you use only non-GMO seeds, as that is very important to our family.
Keep up the good work!"
Ruthanne G. | Fairfield, NJ  | Saturday Sept 01 2012

"I received my seeds order today with such fast shipping!  Thanks for supplying heirloom, non GMO seeds.  I am especially excited to start my asparagus!  I love that you have a great variety.  My only complaint is that I would like to see a better variety of beans.  I will be back!"
April G. | Nashville, TN | Saturday Sept 01 2012

"I love SeedsNow. Ordering was a breeze and my order arrived quickly. The quality of the seeds are great and I am happy to know that SeedsNow is proud of how they harvest their seeds. I am well pleased and look forward to expanding my garden even greater but only with seeds from SeedsNow."
Kimberly L. | Homeland, CA  | Thursday Aug 30 2012

"SeedsNow ... thank you once again for the speedy, professional service.  I am confident that my family and I will be able to grow many gardens in the future with the non-GMO seeds.  I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality product. Brian - Bellingham, Washington"
Brian J. | Bellingham, WA | Thursday Aug 30 2012

"Thank you for your prompt service.  This will be the first time I have even tried to grow vegetables in the fall.  I am a beginner at container gardening and will start off with lettuce, leeks(onions),and bravely because of a dare- carrots and radishes. All being grown in 5 gallon buckets.

I loved the packaging. Thank you so much for free samples. I get really excited when bonus items show up.  By spring I might even be ready to try tomatoes and larger carrots. I am now won over, Mike Lieberman was right. You are now my first choice for my gardening needs."
Linda B. | Memphis, TN | Wednesday Aug 29 2012

"My seeds were delivered faster than expected and sprouted quickly. I haven't had good luck with seeds until purchasing from seedsnow.com. I can't wait to order more seeds for next summer's garden."
Brittany T. | Escondido, CA  | Wednesday Aug 29 2012

"Folks, I am a soldier who is interested in getting back to the basics. A few of my deployments I have managed to grow a few veggies and flowers (yes even tough guys like flowers) I never heard of your store before last week from another buddy. I decided to try an order and see, I have to say I was surprised to receive the products so quickly. I am in the US now but if and when i go over again I plan on growing some of what you sent me and if not maybe I'll finally get a chance to actually grow a small garden here in the US of A.. :-) SFC RJS"
Robert S. | Woodbridge, VA | Wednesday Aug 29 2012

"This was my first order from Seeds Now. I was looking for a company that offered quality heirloom seeds without the high price. I was very happy with what I ordered and I am looking forward to planting everything. I am still trying to decide if I should keep the Garden-in-a-bag for myself or give it as a gift. What a fun idea! I am considering buying the seeds ornaments for Christmas gifts."
Lorrie B. | Park City, KS | Saturday Aug 25 2012

"Hello, thanks for the quick delivery of my vegetable seeds! I also really appreciate the sample of grape tomatoes. It's so great to have the opportunity to try growing new foods, and I am excited to see what seed packets are sent in my free sample!"
Julie Z. | Alexandria, VA | Saturday Aug 25 2012

"Hey SeedsNow, I wanted to thank you for the smooth and extremely quick delivery. I placed my order at 7:22pm and received the shipping confirmation the following afternoon. The package arrived in a couple days with ground service and packed well. I was nervous to purchase seeds from an online site but based on the other customer testimonials, I went for it. I'm excited to try the variety of seeds I received and appreciated the free sample of tomatoes. Will be purchasing again. Thanks! - Justin from Zappos"
Justin F. | Henderson, NV | Saturday Aug 11 2012


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How To Tell When 🍆 Eggplant Is Ripe

How To Tell When 🍆 Eggplant Is Ripe

Eggplant is a versatile fruit often used in Italian dishes such as ratatouille, caponata, and lasagna. Eggplant easily absorbs the flavors of wh...
Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Summer will soon be over but having a thriving vegetable garden doesn't have to end when summer does. With a little bit of planning, and p...
How Many Plants a 12″ Container?

How Many Plants a 12″ Container?

Here is a suggested number of plants that will grow successfully in a 12″ container. It would be a waste of money and time to start more seeds...