"I was so excited when my seed bank arrived! I was shocked when i started going through it.....there were so many. It was definitely worth the money. I plan on ordering a few other seeds that weren't included, but not many as there was so much! Thank you! I will be a return customer!"
Nicole W. | Tuscola, IL | Thursday Jan 10 2013
"Thank you for my recent order of Mega Seed Bank.  It was everything I hoped it would be.  I look forward to using it and the Seed to Seed book.  I will be showing it to like minded friends and encouraging them to order as well.  You can expect future orders from me as well."
Heidi W. | Fort Wayne, IN | Wednesday Jan 09 2013
"Just got my three Seed Banks; the Culinary Herb Seed Bank, the Herbal Medicine Seed Bank, and the Mega Seed Bank!  I also got the Seed Saving and Grow Guide softback book.

I am tremendously pleased and excited by the seeds and will start reading the book tonight.  Everything was packaged well and arrived in tip-top shape and the seeds all look fantastic.  Obviously, I haven't had a chance to plant anything yet, but I can hardly wait for Spring! 

Your customer service department is simply outstanding -- no problems whatsoever with your shipment to me, but no less than two follow-up e-mails after you shipped just to make sure I was okay with everything.  (Shipping took a while thanks to the Holidays....)  I will definitely buy from you guys again -- there are a lot of other seeds I'm interested in, and I absolutely don't want any GMO stuff either in my body or on my land. 

Thanks a million for both the quality and the nature of the service you provide -- you people are doing the right thing in the best possible way!"
Jeff V. | Taos NM | Monday Jan 07 2013
"I haven't had a chance to plant my seeds yet, but I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your company. Very quick delivery, exact items, order history AND a free item.  Thank you.   I will be using your company for all my future needs."
Kellie T. | Shreveport, LA | Monday Jan 07 2013
"I ordered a Homestead Seed Bank from you guys a few months ago! I was excited upon ordering it and was even more impressed by the price of it. Upon arrival I checked out the contents and was extremely happy with the whole bank.

I waited a little while to write up my testimonial though because I wanted to try out some seeds before I did. The results were just as good as everything else! Will definitely be buying more soon! :)"
Jacob W. | Lake Stevens, WA | Saturday Jan 05 2013
"Seeds took only minutes to order and a couple days to receive in the mail. I look forward to my family growing our own food."
Austin B. | North Augusta, SC | Friday Jan 04 2013
"Thank you for the order! It was shipped promptly and I have had great success sprouting the seeds. Excellent quality! Thanks so much."
Sam D. | Van Buren AR | Friday Jan 04 2013
"Thank you for the order! It was shipped promptly and I have had great success sprouting the seeds. Excellent quality! Thanks so much."
Debbie S. | University Place, WA | Thursday Jan 03 2013
"Thank you for the order! It was shipped promptly and I have had great success sprouting the seeds. Excellent quality! Thanks so much."
Mary C. | Mt Pleasant SC | Wednesday Jan 02 2013
"I am delighted to report that everything with my order was perfect. My  purchase was a Christmas present for my husband; he is thrilled with his heirloom seeds."
Debbra S. | Maplewood, NJ | Tuesday Jan 01 2013
"I got the best Christmas gift from your company. My friend gave me a variety of seeds for my fledgling garden. I can't wait to get started and I know I will be eating healthy veggies by this summer."
Myra K. | Overland Park, KS | Sunday Dec 30 2012
"Dear Seeds Now, I was so glad to find your website.  This was the first year that I have planted and grown anything, and I was very nervous I would "mess it up."  The 'time to germination' on the seed packaging gave me the courage to put the seeds in a starter container.  My pumpkins were too late in the ground and never produced any female flowers, the cut worms got the soybeans, and the carrots were slightly deformed but to me it was perfect.  Thank you for standing for food integrity and for small gardeners. Now send me more seeds ;-) Lots of love and healthy plants!

PS. And all the children in my family got Seed Bombs for Christmas. Here's to a year of growth!"
Lindsey E. | Pleasant Grove, AL | Friday Dec 28 2012
"I want to thank you for your prompt delivery and quality product. I started growing the broccoli sprouts and green pea sprouts as soon as I received them and I am impressed with the results. This is my first time growing anything and I am excited to have found Seeds Now. I look forward to trying my green thumb at more varieties of plants."
Erin B. | New York, NY | Friday Dec 28 2012
"Just want you to know that I am a happy customer. The package came very fast perfect timing before Xmas. Best gift to myself :) Very neat packaging for all healthy seeds, I cannot wait for Spring to come so I've started to seedling indoor while it's snowing outside. I'm sure I'll be placing more orders in the near future. Happy Gardening!"
C. Younger | East Stroudsburg, PA | Thursday Dec 27 2012
"I came upon this website while trying to locate seeds online. I loved the layout. I loved the fact that seeds had nice size pics for me to preview. I loved the ease of ordering and I especially loved the pricing. I received my order and I'm totally satisfied. I will be placing many, many more orders. Thanks for your easy to use website, efficient ordering process and quick turn around. Job well done."
Gerald P. | Missouri City, TX | Thursday Dec 27 2012
"Dear SeedsNow, This was my first time ordering seeds not to mention my first time sprouting. I ordered a few different types of sprout seeds and I must say my experience was wonderful! Ordering was quick and easy and you guys delivered it very fast. I also like that your seeds are non-gmo. I will be ordering from you again. You rock! Thanks a bunch (pun intended)."
Kristin D. | Tinton Falls, NJ | Thursday Dec 27 2012
"This is our first order with you.  The website was easy to use and, Wow, you're delivery was fast!!  We were certified organic in NY and we're growing organic here in NC, too.  We're looking forward to getting started on the next growing season with your seeds!  Thanks for the excellent customer service."
D. Ferris | New London NC | Thursday Dec 27 2012
"I received the seeds today. Collard greens!!!! (I've already planted the Kale.)  And a bunch of other good things. And so fast!  Thank you so much. I think you and I have found my new obsession... One Bedroom Apartment Farming!!!"
T. Beck | Minneapolis, MN | Wednesday Dec 26 2012
"Never seen your company before I Googled "NON-GMO seeds for sale". I'm glad I went with SeedsNow.com. I was very impressed by the variety of seeds at a nice price. I didn't know what to really chose. My daughter (7 years old) and I are building a garden this year. I was a little disappointed that there was no corn seeds for sale but other then that great job. The package came very quick and Nicely wrapped. I already spoke good words about your company to my father in WI and a few friends here in FL that will be customer soon. Thank-you very much."
Brandon & Tonia Z. | Lehigh Acres, FL | Tuesday Dec 25 2012
"I was very pleased at how fast my seeds arrived after i ordered them. I wasn't able to wait until spring to plant them so I planted a few seeds in the house under a growing lamp and they are starting to sprout like crazy, i am very pleased with them and look forward to doing more business with seedsnow in the future, thank you for your exceptional service and reasonable pricing i will definitely refer friends and family to your website . Thanks for the great customer service."
Stacy B. | Laporte, MN | Monday Dec 24 2012
"We are very happy with our purchase and will definitely be purchasing from you in the future."
Sandy C. | Alpine, UT | Monday Dec 24 2012
"I recently ordered from you guys and I couldn't be any more happier with the product and the fast and friendly service I have received from SeedsNow.com. I will be ordering more soon and telling everyone I know. Thank you for superseding my expectations!"
Heather K. | Austin, TX | Monday Dec 24 2012
"I just want to say that this is a great little seed company. Fast delivery, great prices and the seeds are all non-GMO so feel free to buy from them."
Arlene C. | Honey Farm Herbery | Saturday Dec 22 2012
"I received my order back in August and was excited to start my fall garden, for the first time, from seeds! I was amazed at how quickly each seed sprouted. Here we are, in mid December, and my plants are producing and growing beautifully. This is the first time I've gotten not only flowers on my tomato plants, but actual tomatoes! Very excited to plant even more in the spring. Thanks for a great product."
Crystal M. | Corpus Christi, TX | Friday Dec 21 2012
"I got the seeds. all was in proper order. I have already started some for early spring planting. The red cabbage was up and growing on the third day. Hmmm, heavenly?  I'm excited about the hope and promise that seeds represent. Glad I found y'all!"
Gail M. | Travelers Rest, SC | Friday Dec 21 2012
"I'm very satisfied with the order. The book was very in depth and informative and the shipping time was reasonable. I'm glad that you guys sell the Non-GMO seeds, thats the whole reason I bought the seeds from you all. In stores you don't really know what your getting, but its likely GMO. I would definitely buy from you all again. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the free seed packets you offered in return for my feedback."
Johnathan W. | Campbellsville, KY | Friday Dec 21 2012
"I received my seeds very quickly after I ordered them. I purchased some for my 11 yr old granddaughter who has gotten a gardening bug (yay!) as part of a garden package Christmas present. I can't wait to start my garden this spring & know that the vegetables I grow will be healthier for me. :) I also love the little resealable packages that the seeds come in! Great job!!"
Suzanne M. | South Lyon, MI | Thursday Dec 20 2012
"I happened upon your web site, trying to  look for bulk seeds.  Ones that were organic.  The web site was easy to use and had a lot of things to look at and consider. I also ordered the Homestead Seed Bank for my mom.  I ordered the seed bank first for me and two other to split.   I then realized there wasn’t enough beans and peas seed so I ordered more.  Very surprised at how fast the seeds got to my house. We are excited about planting season in the spring.  I also appreciated the free seeds and the coupons!"
Elizabeth F. | San Antonio, TX | Tuesday Dec 18 2012
"Hello, I just received my first order from Seeds Now and was impressed with how fast they got to me. The seeds all look great, and are nicely organized in the little bags. I can't wait to start planting - thank you for your superior service!"
Caroline M. | Wilmington, MA | Tuesday Dec 18 2012
"I was so excited to receive my seed banks from Seeds Now!  When I was shopping around I found the most variety at Seeds Now.  I was really jazzed to find the Medicinal Herbs Seed Bank, the idea is genius.  The seeds arrived quickly and I was very happy with the contents and my overall experience."
Carrie J. | Lower Lake, CA | Tuesday Dec 18 2012
"I just received my order from you this morning. Your service was excellent and the shipping was very quick! Thank you SO much!"
Melissa S. | El Paso, Texas | Tuesday Dec 18 2012
"Hello, I recently purchased a large order from  your website, and I wanted  to thank you. Everything arrived promptly, and i am very satisfied with the service as well as the  ethics you use  to operate your progressive business. i cannot wait until I can plant these seeds and reap the benefits of growing organic non-gmo vegetables. I also received a flyer saying my testimonial would earn me a couple free seed packets.  how do i go about obtaining these? thank you and have a wonderful day!"
Jon M. | Columbus, OH | Monday Dec 17 2012
"Order was placed and promptly acknowledged, Promptly sent out and quickly delivered. The paper work is wonderful from this company as are the prices. The packaging is clear and concise. I will be ordering more. Thank you for being there for us gardeners."
Arlene C. | Munfordville, KY | Monday Dec 17 2012
"I have gotten my seeds at fast shipment and thanks for doing a great job. My two tomato planet have grown large since my last email and it has become hobby for me now after learning a lot about plants."
Chris M. | Birmingham, Alabama | Monday Dec 17 2012
"Dear SeedsNow.com, Everything is just perfect! I am very much satisfied. I wish the best to your business."
Nataliya B. | Brooklyn, NY | Monday Dec 17 2012
"I was very pleased to discover that although I ordered my seeds on a late Thursday afternoon, it didn't take SeedsNow long to get my order together and in the mail.  By Monday mail delivery my seeds were in my hand.  There was no shortages, no 'rainchecks' just my complete order of organic and heritage seeds.

Over the coming weeks I'll be preparing my greenhouse and possibly building a second one to accommodate all the plants I forsee growing soon."
Keith P. | Poplar Bluff, Missouri | Monday Dec 17 2012
"I ordered 6 packets of seeds from you on Nov 23, I received my confirmation email and tracking email promptly, the seeds arrived sooner than anticipated, and there was even a free sample inside.  The seeds that I planted all sprouted quickly, and are growing into healthy seedlings.  All in all, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my order and I plan on buying from you in the future.  Wonderful job, everyone at SeedsNow.com."
Rebekah O. | Saratoga Springs, Utah | Sunday Dec 16 2012
"Love your seeds! I planted several of your seeds immediately. Arugula started germinating the next day. I could not believe it. Watercress, after 2 days, and spinach the 4th day. Also your Tomato Grande is almost ready to be transplanted. In addition, your delivery is very quick. I will remain your loyal customer. Very exciting process!
Thank you!"
Ana A. | North Miami Beach, FL | Sunday Dec 16 2012
"Hi, the seed starters were very easy to use. I am happy to know that by the New Year I will have the startings of my own organic herbs for cooking.

When I first got the seeds I did not receive the CD. I receive the CD very soon after letting support know and the e-books on the CD seem very good but there was no general instructions on how to use the seed starters (unless I missed it or didn't get it). But I looked on the site and found the very simple instructions. I think a one sheet simple instruction sheet should be included in the pack"
Shawn S. | Wichita, KS | Sunday Dec 16 2012
"My boyfriend loves to garden and he told me about how GMO seeds could be bad for our health. I searched for NON-GMO seeds and I wasn't sure if I should trust this website so I decided to purchase it. Now I got NON-GMO seeds with labels on it. This website is very reliable! I am so excited to give the seeds to my boyfriend for Christmas! He's gonna love it. I know it :) I will definitely purchase more seeds from SeedsNow. Thank you!"
Kristin S. | Canton, Michigan | Saturday Dec 15 2012
"Thank you for the quick turn around on my “back order” item!  Customer Service was friendly and easy to talk to.   Thanks again,  Happy Holidays!"
Kathy H. | Glenview, IL | Saturday Dec 15 2012
"Everything arrived perfectly and my experience with you an A+++ so far! I did complete that survey for "free seeds!"  :- I also gave you a glowing review in Facebook.  Keep doing what you're doing and stay in business because you have quite a growing following!  :-)  I hope i never have to buy from anyone else (unless it's something you just don't have). Happy holidays to you all!"
Priscilla B. | Shelby, North Carolina | Friday Dec 14 2012
"To the staff of Seeds Now:

The seeds which I ordered were delivered in a timely manner.  The bags were air tight and neatly labeled.  You have another return costumer, because of the quality of seeds that you sell, of the website which is easy to navigate and the neatly delivered items.

Thank You ! :D"
Nick C. | Lake Ann, Michigan | Friday Dec 14 2012
"SeedsNow not only has good prices, interesting products, and amazing customer service, they packed my Micro Greens box in a recycled cardboard box. Well done saving resources!
And thanks for so quickly fixing the small glitch with my order. I love my Micro Greens box, which I planted the day I received it. I'm eagerly awaiting the sprouts that should appear any day now."
Diana R. | Kenmore, WA | Friday Dec 14 2012
"Dear Seeds Now, I liked that the seeds were shipped in a timely manner.  I would have liked for the packages to have had instructions on how to plant the seeds.  The seeds look great, and I am looking forward to planting them.  Thanks for the extra seed packet."
Mavis B. | Weatherford, TX | Thursday Dec 13 2012
"When I received my order from SeedsNow.com a few days ago, a seed packet I ordered was missing. I called SeedsNow.com and was treated as a treasured customer and within two days they mailed me the missing seed packet AND a FREE seed packet. I would highly recommend SeedsNow.com for their exceptional products, exceptional customer service, and the FASTEST shipping I've ever seen! SeedsNow.com is the best seed company out there - I recommend them to all of my gardening friends and family. Thank you SeedsNow.com!"
Laura S. | Bonneau, South Carolina | Thursday Dec 13 2012
"Thanks for the quick shipment of the seeds I ordered. I suggest that you include a master list of seeds purchased, as well as the Ph level required for optimum growth. Perhaps you can market the list and Ph requirements, Ph testing kits, supplies for proper Ph planting, and suggestions for a successful crop for each type of seed. Most of your customers are probably as ignorant as I am about gardening.

I am going into this BLIND and will now have to do some major research to ensure a successful crop.

Just a suggestion from a marketing major that understands how important seeds are for survival and has absolutely no idea how to raise a successful crop."
Richard F. | Gainesville, FL | Thursday Dec 13 2012
"Thanks to SeedsNow.com I now have all the seeds I need for this up coming growing season. This was my first time buying seeds online. The website was easy to navigate, with great explanation of the seeds and good pictures of what I should expect. Thank you so much to everyone at SeedsNow.com :)"
Buzz B. | Troy, Alabama | Thursday Dec 13 2012
"I am really happy to have found this website. First, I talked to someone on the phone when I placed my order, he was very polite, and the seeds came very quickly, and the price is cheaper than just about all the other prices I checked on other websites. I will be ordering from this company again in the future."
Cheryl G. | Mustang, OK | Thursday Dec 13 2012
"My seeds came so fast! And the packaging is great. Thank you for the additional information you gave me when I called. I'm all set to start my window winter garden. I'm so happy that I can buy organic NON-GMO seeds. Thanks again."
Echo B. | Minneapolis, MN | Wednesday Dec 12 2012
"I am really impressed at how quickly the seeds arrived after ordering since shipped from CA to MI. The order was placed on Friday and it arrived on Monday.  Seeds look great and am looking forward to getting them planted in the spring."
David S. | Highland, MI | Monday Dec 10 2012
"Hello Seeds Now,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow our food! My husband and I just bought a house in Martinez, California! We are fortunate to have a lots of sun! I just started my certificate to become a Consultant Nutritionist, so for me the creation of a garden became very important! I want to know where my food come from.. And the best way to achive it, is to grow it on my own!

I received my seeds yesterday, so I immediately start planting some herbs! I will send you some pictures of the results!

So voila, so far so good!

Thank you again for your services, we really need company like yours!"
Valerie F. | Martinez, CA | Sunday Dec 9 2012
"Wow - you guys are great!!  I ordered the Mega Seed Bank, along with the Culinary Seed Bank and Herbal Medicine Seed Bank. I placed my order on Dec. 5th and received it on Dec. 8th. The Customer Sales Rep was very informative when answering my questions about a Seed Bank.  I am very pleased with the variety of Vegetable and Herbal selections offered.  This Seed Bank is exactly what I wanted for an emergency prep kit and the ability for a continuing food chain.  Thanks guys!"
Carol C. | Moorefield, NE | Sunday Dec 9 2012
"I received my seeds and am excited to begin planting my indoor herb garden. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service. I will definitely refer friends and family to your website."
Jennifer C. | Oxford, NY | Sunday Dec 9 2012
"To whom it may concern, I was very excited to recieve my shipment of seeds.  This is exactly what I was after!  The service was prompt and your website is very easy to use.  Thank you so much; I can't wait to start planting!"
Kristen W. | Red Deer, AB, Canada | Sunday Dec 9 2012
"Yes, we received our seeds very quickly and was impressed with the packaging. We can hardly wait for spring so we can plant our garden. We have been gardening for years and enjoy the benefits of healthy food. We are very excited about being able to save the seeds for replanting year after year!"
Yvette R. | Marlow, Oklahoma | Saturday Dec 8 2012
"I would like to thank you for your speedy processing and shipping. I ordered it two days ago and I was very excited to find it in my mailbox today.  I look forward to planting this spring.  Thank you again for a pleasant transaction."
Michelene P. | Meriden, CT | Friday Dec 7 2012    
"SeedsNow.com rocks! I have ordered there twice already and will continue to order all my seeds there if needed. The ROI is remarkable. The germinating rate is 80%. I truly love their customer service. Shipment is fast and reliable."
Thomas W. | Los Angeles, California | Friday Dec 7 2012   
"I was very pleased in how the seeds I ordered came in individual packs and labeled. The shipping time was very quick also. Over all very good service."
Billy C. | Schriever, LA | Thursday Dec 6 2012   
"I am very happy with my recent Homestead Seed Bank order, and am very excited to plant my free sample of Collard Greens. Thank you."
Courtney S. | Johnson City, TN | Wednesday Dec 5 2012   
"After ordering from other places I have finally found the best Seeds Now has the most friendly and easy to use site I have encountered. The seeds are fresh and have a high germination rate. I feel very comparable knowing that their seeds are non-gmo that is very important for my organic garden. Their shipping is fast .. They are simply the best source for seeds you will find."
Billy C. | Schriever, LA | Wednesday Dec 5 2012   
"Aloha and thank-you for the seeds! We were so happy to receive them in such a short time, and the seeds look great!  We sowed every variety we received that same day!  Now they are sprouting!
Thanks for a good seed product!"
Clint S. | Lawai, HI | Tuesday Dec 4 2012   
"I just received my SeedNow purchase on Saturday.  I had never purchased from your business before.  I am very happy with the rapid delivery that I received.  And the smaller ziplock packages that the seeds with a smaller quantity come in make storing my seeds much easier than the larger and bulkier packaging that I have received from other suppliers. I will place another order soon."
Ann R. | Italy, TX | Tuesday Dec 4 2012   
"Thanks again Seeds Now for a smooth and easy transaction !!!!!!!!! More healthy non gmo seed for me and my family to grow and enjoy !!!!! No one else could match your service and fast shipping !!!"
Ty C. | Aynor, SC | Monday Dec 3 2012   
"I have not planted them yet, but soon I will be having fresh veggies in my yard. Can’t wait. As for the service. It’s great fast and very simple. Loll I wish life was like this.. tee
Forever a loyal customer.."
Guy P. | Corpus Christi, TX | Monday Dec 3 2012   
"WOW....Placed my order on 11/30/12 received my seeds on 12/3/12. Order was fast and accurate you cant ask for any better than that, i will for sure purchase more seeds in the future. They didn't have one of the seeds i wanted in a sample pack so instead of not sending it they upgraded it to a 200 seed pack for free...WOW Again...Thanks for a great experience."
Jason V. | Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia | Monday Dec 3 2012   
"Hello SeedsNow.com: I wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was my order complete, but there was at least 5-10 seeds more in each packet. Awesome!! I can't wait till you have corn available.  I will definetly be purchasing more seeds. I can't wait for the spring.  Thank you so much!"
James S. | Hampshire, Illinois | Monday Dec 3 2012
"I found Seeds Now by searching for top online Seed vendors. To my surprise it was so easy to find and order all the products I was looking for. Plus, they had a great selection of gift sets and more! Shipping was fast and my seeds arrived unharmed and perfectly packaged. They even gave me a few complimentary packs with my order. All around satisfaction!"
Jackie K. | Hampshire, Illinois | Monday Dec 3 2012
"I started buying from SeedsNow.com 2years ago and after the first crop I decided to buy from seedsnow exclusively.
You will not find a better quality seed anywhere. You will not be disappointed. Delivery is fast!"
Melissa E. | Maysville, North Carolina | Sunday Dec 2 2012
"Yes thank you I just used my Alfa Alfa seeds I soaked them and started the sprouting process and to our amazement thy already sprouted during the night  fantastic :) I wish you had organic milk thistle seed for sprouting also. Thank you :)"
Helia H. | Irvine, California | Saturday Dec 1 2012
"Seeds Now, this has been the best gift given to me. This has jump started my business and given me the means needed to successfully grow my herbs. It was not only a genus but a super helpful idea, I have the conference to trust what I'm putting in my body!! And it's convient too!! Thanks again for the best gift ever!!"
Christopher H. | Sunnyvale, California | Saturday Dec 1 2012



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