Tips for Growing Asparagus:

  • Once planted, asparagus can grow and produce spears for over 20 years, so choose a location wisely.
  • It can tolerate partial shade but you will receive a better yield if it is planted in an area with full sun during the day.
  • Asparagus doesn’t like to be crowded, so use a dedicated bed and don’t let other crops/weeds invade it.
  • Raised beds work the best.  Tips on Building Perfect Raised Beds! 
  • Plant asparagus in fertile soil that drains well. 

How much will you need to plant?

On average, 8 - 10 spears will grow from one crown. 

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When should I plant asparagus crowns?

Plant your crowns immediately after you receive them, if possible. If you are not able to plant right away, you can wrap them loosely in sphagnum moss and keep damp until ready to plant. 

Steps for planting crowns: 

  1. If you’re ready to plant, soak the roots in water or compost tea for about 20 minutes
  2. Dig a trench about 1 foot deep, and plant each crown so that the top of the crown is about 4 inches from the soil’s surface
  3. Space crowns in trench about 2 feet apart
  4. After several weeks, you will want to add a few more inches of dirt once everything has settled. The crowns need to remain completely covered by soil
  5. Apply mulch over entire area to keep weeds down and to help insulate the soil
  6. Water regularly
  7. Fertilize in the spring with a 10-10-10 fertilizer
  8. Mulch entire area again in the winter to help protect your future crop

When can I harvest my asparagus?

Year 1 - You’ll see a few spears shoot up in the first year, but it’s best to leave most of them alone. The roots need time to grow and harvesting early will only hurt your harvest in the long run. 

Year 2 -In year two, plan on harvesting only about half of the spears. Keep the bed fertilized, watered and mulched well, and by next year you will be ready to harvest a beautiful yield of asparagus spears.

Year 3 -By the third year you will have a bountiful yield and be able to harvest as much as you would like! Use a sharp knife and cut the spear just below the soil line. 


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