All-in-One Pepper Garden Variety Pack

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All-in-One Hot & Sweet Pepper Variety Pack includes an assortment of our most popular varieties. Seeds are all individually packaged.  Packaged with zip-lock bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection. 

Includes all of the following varieties:

1. Anaheim Chili

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Anaheim Chili Pepper is really quite mild. About one kick up from a bell pepper. This California native is called Hatch when grown in New Mexico and Seco del Norte when dried. Loads of long 6"-10" tapered peppers ripen from grassy green to forest to smoky red. Thick-skinned and fleshy, tangy and sweet, tasty when fresh or cooked into meat. Try chiles rellenos or corn chowder, or make it Seco and grind into powder.

2. Ancho Grande

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Ancho Grande Pepper is named for its size—ancho is wide, grande is big. That’s when it’s dark red. While it’s still dark green, it’s called Poblano, which is named for a town in Mexico. And when it matures fully to dark brown, the name is Mulato. Vigorous, leafy plants produce grande amounts of tapered heart-shaped 4"-8" fruit with a mellow, smoky flavor and a little bit of heat. This fleshy, thick-skinned pepper is traditionally used for chiles rellenos and mole sauce, but you can probably think of a few more uses while you’re studying for the quiz about its name.

3. Pretty Purpl5

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Big Jim Pepper is the world’s largest pepper variety, with a fruit that can grow to 14" or longer. Typically in the 6"-10" range, these wide, tapered summer icicles grow on compact plants and ripen from lime green to smoky crimson. Sweet and flavorful with a pleasurable crackle of heat. When roasted or grilled, the thick skin slips off easily, leaving tender, juicy, meaty flesh. If you do grow a Jim that needs a tape measure, fill one full of ham and havarti or crab and cream cheese, and feed your entire family plus a neighbor kid.

4. California Wonder Bell Pepper

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The California Wonder Pepper is so easy-going, it doesn’t mind if you call it Cal Wonder. Sturdy plants produce lots of smooth, blocky 3"-4" fruits with mostly four lobes and thick skin that ripen from peace, man green ✌️ to groovy orange to right-on red. Juicy and crunchy with sweet, mild flavor, and no heat. Eat fresh or stuff with chicken and avocado for a wonderful easy lunch.

5. Cayenne Long Thin Red

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Red Cayenne Pepper will put a hop, a skip, and a kick in your step. Slender, glossy 5"-6" fruits grow abundantly on strong plants, bounding through all the primary colors as it matures from green to yellow to orange to red. Primarily used as a dried spice, but can be used fresh to rev up a salsa or to make pickling brine howl.

6. Caloro, Yellow Jalapeno

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Caloro Pepper is a gilded name for the Yellow Jalapeño Pepper. If you grow these, it will help to have two things: lots of friends and lots of bags, because you are going to have lots of these hot peppers to share. This prolific plant produces 2"-3" tapered fruits continuously, all summer long, maturing from yellow to orange to red. Continuously. Yellow, orange, red. All summer long. Yellow, orange, red. Thick-skinned, sweet, and crunchy with a heat that’s milder than a Green Jalapeño, but still quite spicy. Yellow, orange, red. Continuously, all summer long.

7. Classic Green Jalapeno

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • We’re not sure if the Jalapeño Pepper knows it, but this stocky little spark plug is one of the most famous and popular hot peppers in the world. At 7,500 SHUs, it sits at the lower end of the Scoville heat scale, which is hot enough to ignite your tongue, but not so hot you won’t take another bite. Prolific yields ensure a steady harvest of 3" glossy fruits that ripen from dark green to fiery red. In some countries, if it’s not illegal to make salsa with any other pepper, it’s at least frowned upon. Best not chance it.

8. Habenero - Red Caribbean

  • The sweet, citrusy flavor, tropical fragrance, and lush green foliage of the Red Caribbean Habanero will remind you of a beach vacation. And so will the searing heat! Produces loads of small 1"-2" wrinkled fruits that twinkle in colors ranging from key lime green to sunrise yellow to sunset orange to sunburn red. Use it to make some haba-haba salsa, broiled halibut with charred pepper cream sauce, or spicy pineapple ice cream.

9. Banana

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • Yellow, yellow, bo bellow, banana fana fo fellow…. The Yellow Banana Pepper is one of the mildest and most popular sweet peppers in America. When young, it is pale yellow, crunchy, sweet, and me my mo mellow enough for a youngster to eat. As it ripens from orange to red, it becomes softer and sweeter. Flavorful at any stage of growth, so pick one when you want one. Especially good pickled, but save a few to stuff or stir fry. Yell-ow!

10. Red Hot Cherry

  • Appx. 15 seeds
  • A Red Cherry type variety that grows into a bushy plant up to 3 feet tall. Higher heat levels than other Hot Cherry peppers. Has a nice robust flavor. Very easy to grow. Pods ripen to a Cherry Red color and get up to over 1 inch in diameter.

11. Santa Fe Grande

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Santa Fe Grande Pepper is heat-tolerant, prolific, and cheerful. Produces a fiesta of 2"-4" waxy, tapered peppers that ripen through the rich, vibrant colors of the Southwest, from pale green to yellow to orange to red, with sweet, mild flavor and mild heat. So mild, it’s also called Chile Guero, which translates to “blonde chili,” but you might bite into a spicier one here and there. Grill them with onions for a festive topping for chicken or beef, or use as the colorful main ingredient in salsa or a pickle jar.

12. Serrano Tampiqueno

  • Appx. 35 seeds
  • The Serrano Tampiqueño Pepper “from the mountains” of Mexico opens up new vistas of heat and flavor. The prolific plant tolerates heat and drought, pushing out loads of 2"-3" cylindrical fruits with colors that range from from grassy green to fizzy orange to berry red, and are spicy at every mesa. Use to add flavor, heat, and syllables to pizza tampiqueño, salsa tampiqueño, steak tampiqueño, or pickles tampiqueño, or dry them and tampi into a queño.

13. Hungarian Wax

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • Zippy and snappy, the Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper offers a little sweet and a little heat, producing loads of peppers earlier than other varieties. Long 6" tapered fruit ripens from green to creamy yellow, which is when it’s just getting zippy. If you leave it be, it will keep going to orange and then red, increasing the heat with each color change. Thin-skinned, meaty, and crunchy. Try pickling in apple cider vinegar, frying up with onions to top an omelet, or stuffing with prosciutto and provolone.

14. Chocolate Bell Pepper 

  • Appx. 10 seeds
  • The Chocolate Bell Pepper is a fun one to grow. While the skin is maturing from green to brown, the inside is ripening from green to red, so you’re in for a surprise color combo with each one you snip off the vine. Crunchy and sweet with no heat. Ripens early, too.

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