Wildflowers - Fragrant Flower Scatter Garden Seed Mix

$299 USD

Includes a mix of 18 popular fragrant flower varieties and colors. Scatter this mix of seeds in your garden and enjoy the most fragrant flower assortment you've ever smelt.

Wildflower establishment requires some important steps:

- Site selection/preparation: It's important to address competition from weeds: pull, till, or use organic herbicides. If planting in the spring/summer you can wait for weeds to germinate, control and then plant the wildflower seeds.

- Seeding:  You will want to have good seed to soil contact, broadcasting by hand is a good approach on small plot, may want to mix with an inert carrier, sand or other. Raking in and covering with soil 2-3 times seed thickness.

- Watering: During establishment for the first month, can be from rain in spring or supplement with irrigation.

- Timing: The best time to plant is in spring to early summer and even again in late fall.

This mix includes all of the following seed varieties:



Centaurea cyanus


Cheiranthus allionii

Siberian Wallflower

Cynoglossum amabile

Chinese Forget Me Not

Dianthus barbatus

Sweet William

Gilia tricolor

Bird's Eyes

Iberis umbelleta


Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea

Lavender Vera


Lobularia maritima

Sweet Alyssum

Matthiola bicornis

Evening Scented Stock

Mirabilis jalapa

Four O' Clock

Monarda punctata

Spotted Bee Balm

Nicotiana affinis

Tabacco mix

Oenothera lamarkiana

Evening Primrose

Reseda ordorata


Tagetes patula

Marigold Sparky

Tropaeulum majus


Viola cornuta

Helen Mount

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