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Lettuce - Romaine, Classic "Paris Island Cos"

$299 USD

  • Large, upright, full-bodied heads with dark-green, slightly savoyed leaves that are mild and sweet

    - Plant reaches about 10 inches tall. Midribs are crunchy and juicy

    - Because of their higher chlorophyll content, romaine lettuces are among the most nutritious of all lettuces

    - Excellent performer in the inter-mountain region. Mosaic tolerant

  • Days to Maturity | 80 days

  • Lettuce Seeds | Lettuce can be grown practically anywhere.  For leaf types seed should be sown thinly in rows 1 foot apart. For head, Bibb, and cos types, space rows 18 inches apart.

    Click here for complete Lettuce grow guide


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